Everything I offer is based on my practical, hands-on experience

As a graduated lawyer, I started my professional career in the healthcare sector in 2009, directly in one of the largest Czech hospitals - the General University Hospital (VFN) in Prague, where, for over 3 years, I successfully dealt with the complex topic of public procurement.

I started to immerse myself in the area of reimbursement system as a lawyer of the Department of Medicines and Medical Devices at the headquarters of the General Health Insurance Company (VZP) of the Czech Republic, in a department responsible for reimbursement agenda worth CZK 40 billion annually.

Since 2013, as a partner, I have helped to build a consulting company that was, among other things, the first on the Czech market to comprehensively specialize in medical devices - from market entry, through reimbursement to sale via a public procurement.

In 2019, I have decided to take on a new challenge  and as an independent consultant, I am now 100% in control. This allows me more flexibility and  a truly personal approach.

Virtually since the beginning of my career I have been engaged in lecturing activities for contracting authorities, businesses, doctors and professional societes, universities, but also for example for  Czech or foreign MBA programs with a focus on public health, or international conferences.

As I did part of my studies in the UK, English is not a problem not just for lectures but also for working with  the most complex legal texts.

Every year I actively participate in the eBF conference, which focuses on the electronicisation of both private and public procurement, and in 2015 I was awarded the Grand Prix in the Fair Sourcing Awards for my contribution to the electronicisation of public procurement in the Czech Republic.

I am a member of the Commission for Categorization and Reimbursement Regulation at the Ministry of Health and between 2018-2022, I served as a member of the Supervisory Board of the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic, appointed by the Government of the Czech Republic.

I assisted entrepreneurs with entering the market for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, setting up distribution processes, regulatory measures and preparations for inspections. For my clients, I have been involved in the creation of brand new reimbursed procedures, obtaining reimbursement for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as authoring several legislative proposals.

Working for contracting authorities, I have been involved in procurement with a value of more than CZK 1.3 billion. In the healthcare field, I have purchased e.g. MRI, CT, stents, implants, examination gloves, pharmaceuticals and software. But I also designed and administered a public contract for the design and graphic services for the Prague Zoo or a reconstruction of a dam worth three-quarters of a billion CZK. As of 2022, I completed and submitted bids for more than 1 billion CZK.


Honest and upfront about how our collaboration will work

D I stick to the motto "I provide answers, not legal opinions". As a client, you don't want to pay for stacks of papers full of legal analysis for which you need a dictionary and a compass, all topped off with a chunky disclaimer that I am not responsible for any of the above. My goal is to provide you with information relevant to your decision in a clear and efficient manner.

I don't give rakish advice read out of some law book. I take logical and analytical legal thinking for granted, plus I add common sense and practical experience. I have worked my way up in all the areas in which I help: signing envelopes, going to the post offices, taking documents to the filing rooms, filling out forms in the Public Procurement Bulletin and notifications in RZPRO. I've been in clinics, operating theatres and in factories manufacturing medical devices - I don't just live in law books and theoretical works of academia.

If I cannot do something, I don't offer it. If I don't understand something, I admit it. And if that happens, I very likely know someone who does it really well and for whom I can vouch. And that's who I'll recommend to you.

I work on a purchase order or contract basis, for an hourly rate, a fixed budget, a success fee, or some combination thereof. I keep remotely accessible online records of when-what-how and for whom I have done, so you have immediate and ongoing control over the scope and subject matter of the services I have provided.


Most frequented

Public procurement

For the supplier, analysis of requirements, additional questions, challenges; for the contracting authority, design and administration of the tender procedure and related consulting.

My experience on both sides of the barricade allows me to provide a truly comprehensive services for both contracting authorities and suppliers. Whether you need to submit a tender, prepare objections or, conversely, help with the administration of a tender procedure - none of this is a problem. 13 years of practical experience and billions of CZK of volume on both the contracting authority and contractor sides. In addition to lecturing activities, successful proposal of amendment to the law, support for the development of certified e-tendering tools.

I know what I am doing.

Medical devices

From market placement - registration and notification, inclusion in reimbursement, to sale in public procurement. All in synergy and within a well thought-out strategy.

I purchased medical devices at one of the largest hospitals in the Czech Republic. I focused on medical device reimbursements as a lawyer for the headquarters of VZP CR. I have been involved in medical devices for 10 years within my company an my practice, both on the regulatory and reimbursement side. I have participated and continue to participate in negotiations on medical device legislation and reimbursement. I am a member of the Commission for Categorization and Reimbursement Regulation of Medical Devices at the Ministry of Health.

I work with medical devices in a comprehensive and complex manner.

Doctors,practices and healthcare reimbursement

Contractual relationship with insurance company, reimbursement amendments.

Establishing or purchasing a practice, obtaining authorization, preparing for inspections by SUKL and other regulatory bodies.

I often give lectures for doctors, I know what worries them and what to watch out for when running a practice, I know the practical problems when communicating with health insurance companies.

The reimbursement ordinance, the reimbursement amendment, the list of procedures, the regulations, the referential period - these are all key terms for any physician who has a contract with a health insurance company. Checking contracts with health insurance companies, advising on reimbursement settings, limits, etc. This is certainly not something a doctors should spend their time on.

I can help with all of that.

Strategic advisory in Czech healthcare

Entry into Czech market, not only in regulatory terms, but also in the context of the Czech reimbursement system.

Do you have a new product - a drug, a medical device, or a new service or procedure? Then you are up to your waist in regulations and up to your neck in Czech pecularities that often don't even make sense...

You need to equip the product with the right documentation, then report or register it somewhere, then get reimbursement for it, and do it in a manner and under such conditions that allow doctors to use or prescribe the product in practice (usual pitfall). All this needs to be thought-out from the beginning and the specifics of the situation in the Czech Republic need to be taken into account.

I know my way around Czech healthcare system.


...I can't offer you those.

It certainly doesn't mean that I do nothing or that I am ashamed of my work, but I simply work in an industry where emphasis on confidentiality is paramount.
One could even say that the more important the service and the client, the greater the emphasis on absolute discretion.
And if you have come to this website, it is probably because you either already know me, or you have received a private reference from a friend or colleague in the industry.
Therefore, I believe that as a person interested in my services, you will understand my discretion, and as my clients, you will eventually appreciate it yourself.